London Set List - October 6, 1994

Courtesy of show attendee Tony Brown
Love Thing (music only while Todd explains house rules)
Day Job
International Feel
Secret Society
Feel too Good
Love of the Common Man (acoustic)
The Wheel
Don't you ever listen?
Worldwide Epiphany
No World Order
Black and White
Fascist Christ
Love Thing       (aborted after about 30 secs)
Bang On The Drum

One World        (Acoustic encore)
Many of the songs were stretched versions to allow for partying..

All in all, a great night. The venue was a seedy ex-cinema, very much like a Swindon nightclub :). The Podd sits in the middle of the dance floor, with speakers arranged around the hall. The man himself looked a bit knackered [shagged out; that is very tired or worn out (in polite company :))] to me, and seemed a bit serious, but maybe it was just concentration. Interesting to see that the gangling Runt is now sporting a healthy beergut. Amazed at the size of his hands - big spade-like things rather like a labourers. The hall was about half-full I'd say (I bought ticket 528 about three hours before the show), and the audience was typically restrained. Before you ask I was typically restrained myself, but my excuse is that I'd just walked five miles along the Regents Canal and I was lusting after a good proper sit down, OK? :). That being said, there was a good party mood, people from the crowd being pulled onstage to dance, hit things, or play lead solos on TRs guitar (a heart-warming interlude).

UK readers going to nights gig might like to know that Todd is making a 'personal appearance' at the Virgin Megastore at Marble Arch at 4.00pm today (Friday).

Wish I could afford to go again tonight!.