Steve Burdett - Fri 7th October, My first viewing of Todd for 12 years.

After a REALLY shitty day at work, Julia (my wife) came to pick me up at 17.15. Feel better already. An uneventful drive to London was followed by quite a lengthy walk to the concert hall. Got lost in the one-way system !! The touts were out in force trying to buy spare tickets - a good sign maybe. The Nexites were there too trying to get subscribers, giving out free A5 type leaflets. To join, you need to send $30 to the States, for which you get 12 free copies of Utopia Times over the next year. Spend your money on Franks tapes ! Far better value.

"Whats the difference between this and your computer fan clubby thing ?" I was asked.

"They worship him, and a lot on my list hate him." :-> Anyway, while I had my nose in the nexus leaflet, I missed Kim Wilde being ushered in at the front. Wow big celebs !!!

I must admit, I didnt find the venue seedy, I liked it. There were plenty of bars, and you didnt have to queue for a drink. Maybe I'm a seedy person. Had time for a couple of drinks, lots of video cameras around, are they taping this ? Apparently yes.

Todd came on at 20.45ish. I wont go through the set, all I can say is that he looked bloody ridiculous in his "cleaning lady" dress, and a cut off at the arms check cheesecloth shirt. He did seem very happy, and was clearly enjoying himself. You have to say its pretty brave of him to have the setup he has. I would have thought that things could get out of control pretty quickly.

Loved the idea of dragging people out to play guitar, 1 excellent 1 no-hoper and 2 average players. The acoustic version of "There goes my Inspiration" was a real ear opener too. Never liked it much on album, but acoustically - Terrific.

Julia had a good look around to check out the type of fan there. It was about half and half of people who were totally in awe, being in the presence of their god, to others just having a good time and dancing about. Anyway, he made a lot of people happy, he's so fan friendly. Thanks Todd !