Darren Lawrence's review of 10/7/94 UK Show

Forum last friday.


I'm not a fawning 'Todd is Godd' type devotee. I have all his albums and a bunch of other stuff but....

I saw him at the Forum in London on Friday and it was the best night of my life (probably).

Over the last two years it had seemed that Todd would never tour the UK again.

I got to see him on the Ringo shows and meet him (wow) but I never thought I'd get to go to one of his solo shows.

I got there late (tube trains were playing up) and after usual formalities I hit the floor as close as I could to the pod. I had read a review in MM of the Amsterdam show recently and my expectations were high. My expectations were nothing on how it really was.

He played Fever Broke, Worldwide epiphany, Property, fascist christ, Day Job, No world order, Time stood still, Pulse, International feel, Secret Society, Bang the drum all day, Can we still be friends, Tiny demons, the nightmare song, Love of the common man, Black and white, and possibly the highpoint If I didn't try. I don't know how I held back the tears on that song. To top it all off I met an old Todd friend I hadn't seen in 5 years (whose address I'd lost,and he mine) I got within inches of Todd. It was such a party. I cannot stress how amazing it was.

The whole show was filmed, so hopefully this'll come out in the UK at some point.

The audience reaction was excellent too. After LOTCM it seemed like five minutes of chearing and applause. Todd looked supprised by it all at some points, he was in a good mood. Maybe Todd will tour regularly in the UK now. I really think I will, and I hope too.

Thanks Todd.