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The first set of the show was great. Todd was in good voice. I was amazed that he can still hit most of the high notes and in the original keys. His voice is more rough in those high notes than when he was young, but it was fine with me. The band was great. It's great to see Jesse Gress back. For those who are interested in his gear, he played his usual Strat in the first set, an SG with P90s in the second set, and a Firebird sat on a stand unused the whole night. Amp was a Vibrolux. I dislike the latest trend in concerts - the intermission. I'm always driving an hour or two to see a show, and sometimes it's on a work night. This one was 30 minutes. That makes for a really late night. The second set started with International Feel. Todd's spacesuit helmet made his voice sound like it was, well, in a helmet. He should remove the glass from the face to get a better sound. Plus he was off key. His singing was off key for the rest of the set. He took the first guitar solo in Sunset Blvd. He started off on the wrong note and never got back on track. Fortunately, Jesse did the second solo perfectly. I am a part time professional musician, so I hear all the bad stuff as well as the good stuff. Maybe the average audience member didn't notice. But to me the second set was so bad I almost didn't go back the second night. Audience was small - I guess around 350 in a venue with a capacity of 948. Audience demographic was a bunch of old people like me. :) - I would say from age 60 to 70s.

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