October 9, 2021 NYC Gramercy Theater

Review by Paul Stringer (Switch to

I had the good fortune to be able to take in all three of the NYC shows at the Gramercy and highly recommend taking in one or more if one is able. This was night three. The first part of the show was similar to the previous Individualist material presented back in 2019, which I was also able to see twice in NYC at the time. He presented some of his catalog somewhat chronologically and told some good stories in between. He does We Gotta Get You a Woman early on and I was reminded that this show and the previous Individualist shows of 2019, were the only times that I had heard him perform this one live.

After an intermission Todd came back out and presented side two of AWATS. On the first night he came out with side one and on the second night he did side two, so I ASSumed that he would go back to side one, but he did not. On the second night I was of the mind that I probably preferred side two, as it does have one of my all time faves, Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel. So, when he went with side two again, I was quite pleased. After going off and the coming back out, they finished off with Evrybody, from Global. This is a really good show and it is really great to see Todd and the boys back out again.

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10/9/2021 - Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY

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