Feb 20 gig on rock and romance cruise

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Unpredictable format. 50 percent of set were covers. TR was hilarious. Among the "selections": Blow Me, Open My Eyes, One World, IWMAD, ISTL, CWSBF, LOCM, Hashpipe. Jesse Gress not on trip..Todd said he was ill...replacement.( unnamed) was very good. Todd very visible and interactive on cruise.

Second show on Rock and Romance cruise, FEB 20

Opened with Lysistrata, closed with One World. Again played the unpredictablle format. Played, then complained about playing, Hello It's Me. Played Dont Bogart This Joint( has now played this as often as some songs HE hates playing.)Also played his great version of Hashpipe. Entertained himself while playing Muscrat Love.

Sadly his " unpredictable" set is getting predictable.

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