'The White Album Tour' in Boston

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I attended this concert with mixed emotions. I thought it could be great or a train wreck. Happily I can report it was GREAT! I knew all about TR, MD & CC but didn't recognize Jason Scheff (Chicago) or Joey Molland ( Badfinger). Man was I in for a treat. As everyone knows the band plays the entire White Album. They crushed it! Christopher Cross, Joey Molland & Jason Scheff easily handled the vocals from the McCartney songs. O.H. was the default leader of the band and highlights were WMGGSleeps, HSkelter, Revolution, Sexy Sadie & a humorous take on BBill. Fairly early in the show they had a set of each's two most recognizable songs. Awesome! MD (LTTClarksville, PVSunday); JM (NMWhat, BBlue) Christopher Cross (Sailing, RLTWind); JS (HTSISorry, 25 or 6 to 4) & TR (HIMe, ISTLight). Mickey seemed a little lost out there and Joey Molland was beaming the entire show. Jason Scheff shined vocally, especially on the Chicago numbers. Christopher Cross is extremely under rated. Wonderful guitarist and still posses the strong vocals. The backing musicians were huge contributors. I apologize for not knowing their names but the musical director of the band Rain gave Todd a run for his money on guitar. His riffs were killer! They all seemed to have great fun and the audience was supremely appreciative. Venue was 4/5ths full; not quite sold out but close enough. If you love the Beatles, go see this. You'll be happy you did!

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