Review of June 1 gig in Lawrence

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Great show. Dont miss this tour. Band excellent. Show was 2 hours 45 minutes inclusive of 20 minute break. This was better than last month gig in Chicago, which was very good.

High energy packed venue at Liberty Hall.

Dating ourselves here, but this evening had an " interruption" ...sort of like Fenders in Long Beach on the A Capella tour in the mid 80s( yes we were there!). A blonde in second row of balcony(right behind us) was constantly yelling her love for Todd in alarming gutteral voice for about 6 songs...then she ventures to main floor..stands in aisle 2nd row left...after song finished she crawls up on stage. And disgustingly it was obvious the blonde dyed sextegenarion had no undies on. Can you say " Ewwwww"??🤮 Kasim reacted/intervened quickly as security was on union break....took her by arm...led her to backstage she is ejected right.??? Nope....wait fans there is more....she bounds back to front of Hall , somehow evades the CIA trained security force..and reappears in her seat in the balcony. We guess somone turned her in, as two songs later two of NCIS-trained finest return and ask/tell her to leave...they take her out. Hilariously, her seemingly catatonic husband stayed . ! He also did nothing to "coach" her to socially acceptable behavior. Freaking funny.

My wife and I am sure the band had a good laugh after the show. Different than Fenders incident but almost as funny.

We are going on the rock cruise next February....that is always interesting...

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6/01/2019 - Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS

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