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I have been going to Todd concerts for the last 45 years. I have everything ever released. So yeah I'm a diehard. Friday night's show at the Berkley Music Center in Boston was a dream come true! The first half was an unexpected delight. Todd basically took the most popular songs from each album starting with Runt and running thru Mink Hollow. ITYKnow, OPMyeyes, HIMe, WGGYAWoman, ISTLight, ITWHMADiff, BLKMaria, SIDKHITFeels, IDWTTYDown, CIJTYou, RMan, CWSBFriends, ADGOForever and I may have missed one or two. The crowd ate it up! Set two was also grand with songs including Fair Warning, The Ind, DofR&Roll, Kiddie Boy (Nazz rocker!) BlkandWhite, EastIntrigue, Determination and closed with Fade Away! I'm sure I forgot a few....This is a greatest hits tour! So even the most casual TR fans will enjoy this. The band was fab and Todd's guitar licks were the usual god like! Don't miss this; you'll be kicking yourself it you do. Thanks Todd!

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4/19/2019 - Berklee Performance Center - Boston, MA

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