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As a long time fan I was really looking forward to the Utopia gig. The Moore Theatre is a classic old theater and couldn't have been a better venue for the show. There was enough room to fully deploy the LED pyrotechnics, the sound was awesome, and people were very into the show. I prepped myself and my wife for the show by playing some of the older music. She is more of a pure Todd fan, although we saw the Adventures tour in Seattle at the Paramount years ago, an all time favorite. After seeing this show live (and I REALLY liked the first set) she is a convert (maybe it is just because it is live). While it is too late to catch the show if you haven't, it is not to miss and truly stellar, Gil Assayas was hitting his stride, Willie and Kasim were killing it, and Todd was amazing as always. I was worried their voices might be gone by this time of the tour, but not to worry, they had it covered. We had such a good time that we signed up for the Portland show as well (boy am I glad we did that), Portland was a smaller venue, so the LED pyro show was smaller, music just as great , and a great time with all of the long time Todd and Utopia fans. Here is hoping that this leads to some more Utopia in the future...

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6/01/2018 - Moore Theater - Seattle, WA

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