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It's been 4 weeks since the Phoenix show and my head is still buzzing. I died and went to Utopia that night! It was a great show by a great band! The first set was like they asked me what I wanted them to play. The second set was again what I would have chosen. I started to list the songs that were amazing, but it was the whole set list. The show was virtually perfect, I heard a couple muffed notes, but they played a lot of notes. I know their songs note for note and they were spot on including all vocals! What a thrill for my wife to finally understand. My 42 year old step daughter was skeptical. She only knew Hello It's Me and Bang The Drum. I played Deaf Ears for her the day before and she was surprised I liked it. I knew then that she was going to love the show and she did. They were both hooked about 3 minutes into the Utopia Theme. By the time Another Life was played as the 3rd song I had my money's worth and I had VIP tickets. This show was beyond my wildest expectations. Is it too much to always want more? We've been told there is always more. Hoping beyond hope for a new album and another tour, but I'm totally satisfied with one more night in Utopia!

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5/27/2018 - Comerica Theater - Phoenix, AZ

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