Cleveland show 2 5/20/18

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Yes after the first show it was a question of where to go. John and I hit the Todd capital of the US. Have no idea how many I've seen up here.

Spoke to the sound man who confirmed Chicago would be the recording and that's very fortunate. They are on fire. vocals are clear as a bell. The cold is over.

There's a certain majesty about this tour that is somewhat surprising to an old bard like me. It is reminder that as we watch disappointingly in the world affairs that indeed some things do go the right way in the end. Anyone with any sensitivity who could feel the musical stew at any of these shows knows without saying a word that something remarkable has happened on this tour. After luxuriating in it, I don't see how you could ever walk away from this sound now, this groove, this touch, this vocal blend. It's magic. Just like it was in 1979. Always has been.

Let me make this as clear as I can: if you were ever a utopia fan and felt the love and passion back in the day, there are only a few shows to go. It is worth what it costs. In fact, I'll tell ya, the lady in the coat room told me she thinks you may have left something in the lost and found.

This music represents to me an always has......for me it represented my life plan : to be a good person love my family friends and neighbors and respect all comers... So in that sense this utopian message's always been bigger than Todd himself or this band..and the fact that it is shining in the eta of Trump is no accident. I sure as hell don't know but I would think on some level,Todd looks into the crowd and thinks "this is how it was to be" Throngs of emotions in the air in a pledge from all of us ...none more important or less important than any do better, make things better and not give up. We are all proud consumers of a hopeful product. It's what I want to be about.

There was a moment Sunday night when they were playing Princess of the universe and the crowd exploded..saw Todd recognize this... look over at Kasim and his eyes said wow and then this prideful expression flashed for a moment. It was the look of complete satisfaction and pride. Yes this is what we have and it's an awesome spectacle. The performances belied the ages of the participants. It was so much better than penns peak. The voices etc. To think they are recording Chicago is absolutely perfect timing. Todd is playing lead guitar like we have rarely had the opportunity to see. To be playing this breadth of sound direct line live sets Todd apart from the pack. Who else covers this range? His performance at age 70 should get him a nugenix endorsement deal.

Kasim who test drove the concept deserves all the credit for pushing this forward. Kasim s performances both instrumentally and vocally are the best he's ever been. He is the chief onstage interaction instigator. Much more of that last night in general compared to penns peak and they even jazzed a few parts up.

Gil is a force. If they record, I hope he's in on it.

And man ...he set the table all night with his big arms and shoulders. Like he never stopped touring. favorite....

This is a special show. Thanks for making it happen. Let's hope for more to come. I love this band. Hope replenished.

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5/20/2018 - Hard Rock Live - Cleveland, OH

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