Minneapolis 5.13.18

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The band now, seems to me, to be having more fun than in the past. ( cutting my teeth back on the '77 Utopia shows showcasing RA and then seeing every incantation thereafter into the now ).The karma was good at the two shows I witnessed. It was the genuine sense that everyone up on the stage was having fun.....smiles and many there were between Kaz, Todd, Willie, and Gill. Joyous to see them having fun. Though Todd stressed his voice at times, you could watch the delivery change to accommodate for what he can deliver the best he knew how, and it was just amazing. Extraordinary....a 40 year reunion in the making that has brought back a youthful enthusiasm and a twinkle and maybe a tear to every one's eye. It's a huge significance to me as this band shaped many of my best morals and ethics with poignant lyrics over the years. But the guys, they were just at their best it seemed, hats off to Willie who did a remarkable job, just strong and always there... even adding a "door will knock" touch during Somethings Coming...it was the coolest! Sat directly in front of Kaz and really enjoyed seeing and hearing him take an equal role and shining all the way thru. Love you brother, thanks and totally with you on the sobriety stance. And thanks for signalling the security to not stop the lady revelers from dancing in the isle and the "let them go"...great whistle too! But yeah, if you did save some mescaline....well this would be a good time to break it out...the visuals and stage show were well laid out, and quite groovy. Todd and Kaz had free reign to wander about.and were very active ...bigger stages the better here on this tour. Kaz and Todd got together for some classic poses of the two getting together on a groove and were priceless....would have snapped plenty of pics, but they took or checked my camera, and that was the only unfortunate issue, but that just allowed me to be more in the here and now with Todd and mates. It was the most fun I've had in a a while ( not counting the Milwaukee Pabst show Saturday night prior ) and now seriously considering another city to travel to here on this tour.... Todd your stamina is legendary. I bow to you all and give thanks. So good to be on the road to Utopia once again.. ..also not sure what new guitars were introduced to me...but they were the coolest 'Jetson's' inspired type guitars you've ever seen..neat

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5/13/2018 - State Theater - Minneapolis, MN

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