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absolutely flawless show mindbogglingly good. the fact that they actually played all that very complex to perform live material nearly effortless and mistake free is still hard to wrap your head around. Kaz, Willie and Todd really seem to be flashing back to the prime77-84 era when they were at their absolute peak. this tour is an absolute must see and is one of teh best shows i've seen out of the 40+ Todd shows and the 6 or so utopia shows i have seen. i'm only 44 so i didn't have a chance to see them back in the prime, but this has to be damn close aside from Todd's voice being 40 years older, which is still great by the way but his vocal range back in his peak was a once in a lifetime voice. bottom line, this band still has it, can nail the old material flawlessly like a young jock at a female dorm, and if you miss this tour, you are a FOOL. can't wait for Chicago next tuesday night!!! hey, i'm on the road to Utopia what could be better!

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5/13/2018 - State Theater - Minneapolis, MN

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