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I had a couple of fellow Utopians tell me that they saw Todd and Utopia for the first time at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati 41 years ago for the RA tour. 41 years is kind of hard to believe but what we heard at the Taft sounded just as good and fresh as it did back in '77.

The minimal stage setup allowed Todd and Kasim to roam freely across the stage and they both took full advantage of that. You could tell Kasim certainly liked the freedom and it was a treat watching him play to the audience. Not something we normally see.

Vocals and harmonies were spot on throughout the show in spite of Todd fighting some kind of bug.

It would have been fun to see Willie hit the front of the stage with his turn at Princess of the Universe. None the less, his drum playing was mesmerizing when you fixed your gaze on him during the show.

And Gil fits in just like a veteran. He certainly brought his own personal flair to the show. He seemed quite comfortable and played with ease and confidence.

Personal highlights included Rock Love with Todd turning over lead guitar duties to Kasim. Utopia Theme (what was that guitar Todd was playing?) and the soaring Communion With The Sun.

Great show. Not to be missed fellow Utopians

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5/10/2018 - Taft Theater - Cincinnati, OH

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