Orpheum rocked!

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Caught Todd & Utopia last night at the Boston Orpheum Theater. Those boys rocked! The set list was the same as earlier posts and it was great. The venue was only 2/3rds sold so that was disappointing but the crowd was Todd knowledgeable. All were familiar with the songs and how short or long they were which was great. No one shouted 'Hello, It's Me' so I knew we were all set. I honestly don't know how Todd does this on the cusp of 70. If you enjoy Todd on lead guitar, you got it! Every song guitar heavy and the solo's were unreal. This guy is so underrated; which we already knew. Closed the show with Just One Victory which he always did back in the day. Mind blowing! Kasim had plenty of turns on the mic & this guy seems ageless. Never missed a note. Willie and Guy were smooth and I was surprised Willie sang lead on only one song. All in all, if you've been following Todd for all these decades, don't miss this. You'll be happy you went!

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5/06/2018 - Orpheum Theater - Boston, MA

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