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I know it was a good show when I'm hoarse the next day from screaming at the top of my lungs. Started off a bit slow for my tastes with the first few instrumental pieces, but really started to pick up steam with "Last of the New Wave Riders" to end the first set. After that, it was gangbusters. Great sound, cool video effects, nice venue. Worth waiting 32 years for. Thank you, Todd.

UPDATE: A week later and I'm still buzzing from the show, humming Utopia songs in my head and watching the videos posted on YouTube. When tickets went on sale, I bought them mainly for old time's sake. I mean, I couldn't not go. SO GLAD I DID! Such energy and such an incredible set list. It was awesome!! Hope they come around again, but if this was the last ride, that's okay--at least I got to see Utopia one more time.

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5/03/2018 - Town Hall - New York, NY

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