review of the 12/16 Park West show

Review by Paul D'Antico (Switch to

Often I'm the subject of ridicule around the office . . you're seeing him in concert AGAIN? The answer is always yes, and with 40+ shows under the belt, a night like this one at the Park West (a venue where I have seen him the most) is the reason why.

As stated elsewhere, the majority of the material was from Liars to the present time, which was a welcome surprise for me, and the band was in its usual fine form. What I wasn't prepared for was . . a show! Rather than just playing the songs, it all made sense together and worked as separate "set" pieces. I don't know if I'm articulating it correctly, and there was little or no chatter from Todd, but it really worked. Of course, there were one or two songs I could skip (looking at you, Party Liquor), but all in all a really entertaining Todd show. The man was in fine voice, too. And . . . there's always more.

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12/16/2017 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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