Concert Review Niagara Falls November 20

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After enjoying the Trifecta from the great Como Restaurant, the historic Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls was the host of another fine concert performance presented by Todd. The setlist was the same as the previous night. The band looked like a throwback to Utopia days in their black suits but with red ties. Todd put on a very entertaining show of nearly two hours and through the four costume changes kept the audience in good spirits. The visual show that accompanied the performance was outstanding and added a lot. Todd even had a couple of new music videos to go along with his CD. Tin Foil Hat caused a stir in the crowd (on both sides of the aisle) with its strongly anti-Trump message. The full crowd was rewarded with a great encore and left with a smile on their faces. While the setlist was mainly from 1990 on, it is entertaining once in a while to appreciate the other half of his career. While many of our musical tastes may have stayed in another time, the artist's has not. As always, there is a pull from the artist to join him as he explores his musical interests and push back from those somewhat unwilling to go. My 30 year old daughter saw him perform for the first time and enjoyed the show and especially appreciated the obvious energy, professionalism and talent that he brings to any stage.

Kevin Scull

St. Catharines, ON

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11/20/2017 - Rapids Theater - Niagara Falls, NY

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