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This is a review of Todd's Unpredictable Show on Friday September 1st at The Music Box in San Diego Ca.

Apparently the show scheduled at the Balboa Theater with Yes was cancelled, so Todd I guess decided to do a show with the band anyway. I stumbled on it going through Ticketmaster. And lucky for me I did!!!

The show in a word FUN! Todd was in a great mood along with Jessie, Prairie, Kas and Greg. The venue is very new holds about a thousand dance floor and multi levels for seating. It was just about sold out. Show started at 8. Gary Wilson was the opening band. Interesting very tight band worth checking out! Todd came out at 9. They were all seated. Small stage. He played a lot of covers! I mean a lot! But they were great! This some of what I remember he played: Opened with a song I think called Friday. Funny!

Love of the common man

I saw the light

A song about the weekend (Cover)



The Wheel

The Walls Came Down (The Call)

Let the good times roll (The Cars)

Hash Pipe (Wheezer)

Several other songs probably as many covers as solo stuff. Can't remember was having such a good time!

Nice venue, a lot of Todd fans, Beautiful night in San Diego and Todd!!! Great Show!

Thank you Todd for coming to San Diego the way you do all the time!

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9/01/2017 - The Music Box - San Diego, CA

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