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Saw the show and happy to report Todd came off looking like a prince.

His set was half to two thirds new stuff.

Yes (hmm...) played one song off their first ten albums.

I'm not crazy about all the new tr material but it was a stark contrast between an artist blazing a trail versus a band desperately trying to cop exact song replicas from before I may have been in the minority but I didn't buy the singer, the billy Sherwood bass, the Liberace looking 80s pants wearing Geoff was a yes cover band..they opened with survival and time and a word, both songs that no one on stage was on the recording. Alan white could barely play, Steve howes son played the other drum set and simply was inadequate when he played by himself on no disgrace. It will never survive long term..yes is Jon Anderson Too many tangentials all over the's Steve Howe plays yes and the worst thing of all are the backing vocals..largely not there..todds band crushed them all around

Todd played a truncated version of chivalrock but added ikon...slowest version of all time..really cool...played more dance stuff than I thought he would but everyone in there should have seen.. Stark contrast.. I used to love yes and I left..that wasn't yes. But it sure the hell was todd dudes..full on time...

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8/16/2017 - The Palace Theatre - Greensburg, PA

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