Morris Performing Arts Center/South Bend IN/6-6-17 (Hosted by RR)

Review by Karen (Switch to

I realize this review is quite late but since the White Knight tour is starting up again I thought it might be ok. Thank you to Rundgren Radio for hosting this FANTASTIC CONCERT which happened on June 6, 17. It happened to be my birthday and I couldn't have wished for anything better! To spend it at a Todd concert with my Utopian friends was so amazing! Had a FANTASTIC TIME!

It's been 39 years on this Utopian Journey and it's been a fantastic ride so far! If you haven't seen this White Knight concert yet, go see it! You won't be disappointed! Loved everything about it! Great production, sound, songs! It was the first time ever, that I didn't know anything before I saw my first White Knight concert and I was sooooooo pleasantly surprised!!!

Rock Love, Karen

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6/06/2017 - Morris Performing Arts Center - South Bend, IN

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