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Todd has played at this venue numerous times, and the band's performance here is consistently great. Last night was no exception, even though Todd was not feeling well and called this out (his voice) by the 2nd song.

Now I'm 55, and when I am sick, all I want to do is get through the day at work. However... TODD BELTED OUT VOCALS - that at times his tonsils should have shot out of his mouth! Blistering guitar leads, running around stage, humor, and even coming out after the show to meet the fans in the wet snow... being ill... Unreal, that's why we love him. He gives his all and shows us his determination. And the word was, he had a great time too... we could tell.

I went with my 78 year old Mom and my younger Sister. My Mom ran up and took an empty seat 3rd row, now that's determination! Loves Kasim, and he loves her too. Kasim knows every fan nearly personally. What a great soul. After the show, Kasim came out by the bus, saw us, took my mom by the hand and walked us backstage. A stellar night not as fans, but as family... and boy, does Todd and Kasim have a big family... all of us ! PS: Go to Kasim's solo shows too. 3 is a great release. So support our heroes, just for one day.

Love you guys. There is no other band like yours that I know of since seeing you first in Central Park. ...OKAY, ENOUGH OF THAT, ROCK ON!

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2/05/2016 - NYCB Thearter at Westbury - Westbury, NY

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