Columbus Ohio show

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Just wanted to say thanks to Todd and Kasim for taking the time to stop and let my 24 year old daughter take a picture with Todd in the lobby after the show. She was coming out of a wedding reception next door to the concert hall, recognized Todd, and he graciously said-sure, no problem.

Walking outside, she saw Kasim, called me (I was at home-two hours away) and handed her phone to Kasim to say hi to me and have a brief conversation! He was good-natured about it and talked to me a minute or two and said what a great daughter I had!

Hats off to these two gentleman who impressed my daughter so much through her years of listening to their music growing up and then, seeing them randomly , took the time to talk to her and take a picture.

Very Classy Todd & Kas

Mike Shell

(a very impressed fan)

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1/30/2016 - The Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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