Columbus, OH

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Another great weekend hosted by Rundgren Radio! Friday night's bands playing at the party were great fun and on Saturday, Todd & Co. delivered hand over fist to a full venue of happy fans. These shows are such crazy good compilations, and the band is always so tight,, that the night is over in a seeming blink of the eye. Todd was under the weather but being the ultimate professional, he was still able to bring it. He opened with I Saw the Light, Love of the Common Man, Open My Eyes...and he closed with Kiddie Boy, Lucky Guy and Hello It's Me. In between were all sorts of goodies - Lysistrada, Secret Society, Drive, #1 Lowest, One World, Couldn't I Just Tell You. If you haven't seen this tour yet...jump on it.

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1/30/2016 - The Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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