Burnsville 1.27.16 Ames Center

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My first time at this venue (for me), and it was impressive. After seeing some of the stages (Portland) being played on this tour, my assumption is that Todd and the band loved the stage they owned last Wednesday. The stage is massive but the venue is fairly intimate with 1000 plus seats and all seemed filled, and the way it is tiered - there is not a bad seat in the house, and the acoustics were highly above par. The audience was very attentive and the vibes appreciative...one of the few shows where I did not hear a grumbling patron. The performance was notched high with the band locked in a serious attitude. Seems like Todd is counting on this tour to prove and remind his more commercial accomplishments to the world...but in doing so may have alienated the harmony of the band with his expectations. The point being is that what I gleaned - seemed to be tension in the mix. Perhaps delusional (not the first time), but it felt that Kas and Prairie were almost dissing Todd (see Drive and Secret Society performances on YouTube)...and to me it seemed that when Todd was singing Compassion, he literally turned to the band to sing the words as to deflate any burgeoning ill will that may be bubbling under the surface. But I must note and give credit to Prairie who did a dynamic job....loved the cymbal work on CWSBF. Kas, well you looked different to me for some reason and it wasn't just the goatee, seemed like you recently spent some spa time over the Christmas break that now hinders smiling. Jessie, I enjoyed your spotlighted solos that Todd relinquished...I bet you never let that guitar out of your sight. John, sorry to see the gremlins back at work during Black and White disabling your keyboard. And Todd, well we all follow him for the inspiration, guidance, joy, and stinging observations he brings to the world. His singing and guitar work awe me to the point where I deem him 'heaven sent' in a way. Prove me wrong if you can, when I say that everyone went home with a little more love, compassion, and happiness upon embarking from the Ames Center that evening. Really really loved #1 Lowest Common Denominator....Todd you wailed on the guitar and the 'time to scream' part....well it was roaringly exquisite. Thanks for ending with One World....now more than ever a needed direction of inspiration. I haven't quite joined the band of retired gypsies just yet....but for those who can - this would be a great tour to follow on the road. Last note: I caught a particularly poignant message off the shirt of one the sound board mixers - it read: Pick 2 - Happy - On Time - or Sober. ..I'll take happy and sober. Cheers everyone...enjoy the Columbus show this evening.

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1/27/2016 - Ames Center - Burnsville, MN

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