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I saw the light
Love of the common man
Open my eyes
Sometimes I don't know what to feel
Buffalo grass
Kiddie boy
Black and white
Can we still be friends
Bang the drum
#1 lowest common denominator
Love science*
I'm so proud*
Ooh baby baby*
I want you
Love in action
Couldn't I just tell you

Encore Secret society Hello it's me One world

*with Bobby Strickland on saxophone


50th anniversary of first bill graham presents show/bill graham 85th birthday

Todd does a 10 second mime routine as a tribute to first BGP show which was a benefit to a mime troupe with the grateful dead on the bill

Todd attempts to send the BGP 50 balloons into the audience during hello it's me but the audience doesn't follow his lead

Todd announces that this is his final San Francisco show as a resident of the city. He is giving up his residence after 20 years due to high cost of living (side note: I was at the fillmore show in 1995 that he announced his departure from Sausalito for Kauai, a brief guest appearance with missing man formation featuring Vince welnick, if my memory can be trusted).

Kasim has issues with his bass amp during kiddie boy which prompts Todd to ask if anyone has an Ampeg in their trunk.

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1/14/2016 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA

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