Fox Theater, Redwood City 1/11/16

Review by Joe Huebner (Switch to

Ho hum, just another monster TR show as the road to Utopia rolls on. Prairie had the drums dancing, Kasim was smiling and laying it down all night, John was, as always the consummate keyboard magician and did I mention the searing guitar work from both Jesse and Todd?

The harmonies were really great (How John kept hitting those high notes in Love Science, I'll never know!) and the set list was fantastic - something/(anything?) for every Todd fan!

But the delightful surprise of the night was TR closing with Bowie's Rebel, Rebel. The crowd went absolutely nuts at this sweet homage to another rock and roll hero from our rock and roll hero. (Hot tramp, I love you so.)

And here's to a few more dozen TR concerts before it's all over!

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