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Once again Todd astonishes us. After delivering perhaps his most surprising tour ever, the electronica drenched dance party that was Global, the Wizard follows up with an ear catching bouquet of melodies that delighted both the casual and hard core fan alike. I always enjoy the shows but who expected Todd the Crowd Pleaser?

Todd was in strong voice and he worked Foamy like a demon all night. The band had been off for a couple of weeks, so I expected a few missteps. Indeed what is a Todd show without a gaffe, it makes the shows more human, and Todd often turns any clinkers into humor. If you want metronomic, sounds just like the record perfection/dullness, go see the Eagles, but bring a pillow so you can take a good nap.

Anyway I don't remember any gaffes, quite the opposite, Kaz, Prairie, John and Jesse supported Todd wonderfully all night. Kaz was particularly sharp, his high, pure tenor gorgeously leading the background voices through song after song.

Highlights...too many to mention them all, but my fave was the encore of "Black Maria," with Todd and Jesse shredding like metalheads. Quibbles...only one minor seemed odd to end a Todd show without "Zen Archer."

What is next for Todd here in the US? Who knows, I am not sure he knows. I would love to see the old boy take on the Great American songbook; you know "West Side Story", "Lord Chancellor's Nightmare," maybe "Nature Boy," "Tenderly", whatever he wants to do in that space.

I eagerly await his next move, whatever that will be.

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