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HEY...caught the show tonight from the 30 dollar ticket 14th row center ..great seat...dissapointed in not knowing the exact time of the start of the show. Doors at 7...what does that really mean? got there, 8:10....amazed that everyone was seated.....and no warm-up band. But , overall a wonderful event and ,damn, Todd is one astounding 67 year old....geez, 2 hours plus of vocals at full blast. Who else can do this? maybe Daryl Hall.....but few others.

Alright, I dont mind being the one to bring this up: Todd had a few problems with his mighty band of brothers. I won't dwell on this as much as I did last night when I wrote a more angry review but didn't post it due to booze induced ranting at 1 in the morning...but..On a few occasions Todd berated Kasim, Jesse and Prairie for not doing the proper parts. Just because Kaz was a beat behind on coming in with a response vocal line..he got a "Come on..." from Todd. The second time it happened on another song when Todd turned back to the front Kasim gestured a spit at him...ha...So Kasim goes from the wonderful smiling coolest cat that he has always been to a strait faced guy for the rest of the night. Ditto for Prairie when his intro wasnt quite right and so Todd goes back and sits at the drums and does the intro part himself. It was kind of funny at the time but then Todds comment after was really awful and I wont fill you in on what it was. Jesse missed the vocal line "A secret"...and got the well. Ya know its hard to play a 50 song repatoire perfectly on the 5th show, or 4th whateverr it was.

I learned a valuable lesson tonight as I'm a performing musician and band leader. DONT SHOW UP YOUR BAND. No good comes from it .I could feel the emotional depression of the rhythm section at about the middle of the show..It is weird and I am oversensitive to it all...but it's been driving me mad for the last 24 hours.

Hey, it's still the best show you're gonna find...I'm amazed at the talent and skill of Todd and his killer band. As a bass player/singer I actually go to take in all the greatness of Kasim Sulton. Ive seen the TUBES with Prairie about 10 times in the last number of years. ...and Jesse has more music running through his head than anyone else on the planet..check out any Guitar Player magazine and it's kinda like he owns the thing... like he's the editor.

Thanks for a great evening of some of the best music in the history I still cant believe Todd didnt make the hall of fame for another year.

God....ridiculous...Todd must have told Jann weiner to stick it years ago.....ha....Todd is still the best. and has been ever since I saw Utopia in 1977 at Pine Knob for the RA tour with Kasim....and Todd climbs the pyramid and the jumps off.....Damn...that was the shit...for a young, impressionable high schoolerand aspiring musician. Oh yeah!!!

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12/09/2015 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI

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