Review of Todd at the Voodoo Lounge 12-3-15

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First, the venue- I am from the Chicago area and just happened to be in the KC area on business while Todd was in town. I had to be there. The Voodoo Lounge is a nice little venue within the casino-hotel complex. The layout is good and access to the bars is easy. The sound was very good and the sightlines are very good.

Second- Todd: he was in a great mood, the voice sounded strong and the song selection was surprisingly varied in my opinion. I don't know if he was kidding or not but Todd insinuated that the band has 50 songs rehearsed in the can for this tour so don't be surprised if he pulls out more surprises in future shows this tour.

For example, I had never heard him play "Lysistrata" or "Hammer in My Heart" live before outside of a Utopia concert.

Along with "Past", "God Said" is my favorite Todd song from this century and on this night I realized how hard this song is to pull off live. The beauty of this song says to me that you do it straight at the mike stand with a full band/small orchestra and you pour a lot of passion into the lyrics. Todd performed this with the Prairie-Kasim band of course and Ferenzik's keyboard couldn't make up for the guitar-heavy sound. Also, Todd wandering the stage as he was singing this song didn't work. I am forever grateful for the version on "Liars".

The strongest rockers of the night in my opinion (performed back-to-back): "Buffalo Grass" and "Drive". Neither would make my Top 20 Todd songs but they had me grooving this evening.

A question to my fellow concertgoers- are you folks really Todd fans? Your t-shirts and the good vibes before the show said that you are but you sat there completely still and quiet for most of the show. Just sayin . . .

This was the second night of the latest tour so there were a few fun-to-watch flubs that were no big deal. Kasim- you may want to look into a new guitar strap. Another solid show that was nearly-two hours according to my $20 Timex.

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