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'Week goes by and I feel serene'. So yes a week late, but had to admit how much I enjoyed this show. The Arcada - and old cozy vaudeville stage with a faux dome opening to a painted sky - marvelous. An interesting groove by the band before Todd walked out. Todd declaring after his first pause and seeing the crowd, that he ought to have charged $150 for a ticket. If he brings anything close to how they performed on opening night, it's worth it, and they played to the 2 hour mark. Loved the entire show but my faves were the guitar vehicles: Open My Eyes, Buffalo Grass, Black Maria. His solos were as keen as I have ever witnessed.Todd you deserve a pat on the back for those, well done. The vibes were great with the band though Kas got a bit miffed with some bass issues during Black and White. But recouped quickly and then just drove a bass line through God Says, one I really hadn't noticed before. After they played Kiddie Boy, I got to thinking that I should have taken in those Little Johnson blues tours a few years back. And then with Drive and to the end - it was just fabulous. Couldn't I Just Tell You was stand worthy for us all. And honestly I never heard him nail Hello It's Me the way he did, his vocals were record quality. Amazing evening. My highest regards to the band I love. To the fans - recommended and guaranteed to please with a smile.What a great way to begin the holidays. See you in January..

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12/01/2015 - Arcada Theatre - St. Charles (Chicago), IL

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