An Evening With TR / Arcada Theatre / 12-1-15

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Todd has been pretty busy in 2015 which I have been lucky enough to enjoy (Thank You, Todd) with the Ringo Starr & His 13th All Starr Band in March & October, which was AMAZING, then the Global Tour in April & August which was different, interesting and made you want to move around. Actually, Soothe is one of my favorite songs right now and I really like Evrybody and Terra Firma too. You just need to give it a chance. Not everybody is going to like everything Todd does all the time but if you prefer the "oldie but goodie songs" you will LOVE THIS TOUR!

I think alot of older fans :) have been wanting this for a long time. :) Well, here is your chance! The Arcada Theatre was a great place for Todd to play at, the sound was EXCELLENT (I thought anyway)...also Thank You, Todd for coming out to "the burbs" for a change, it was wonderful to be somewhat closer than Chicago even though may favorite place is the Park West!

Todd's voice also was SIMPLY AMAZING! It was great seeing Prairie, Kasim, Jesse and John back! They sounded Excellent! Favorite songs were 99% of the show but I really love Soothe, Honest Work, (love that tour!), Drive, (WOW!), Rock Love (of course) and the Medley which was so GREAT to hear again! It was a truly AMAZING show, lots of fun! Great seeing all the Todd friends I have but it was way too fast! More time will be had when we gather for the Park West show. Can't wait!

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12/01/2015 - Arcada Theatre - St. Charles (Chicago), IL

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