TR ASO 9.5/6.15

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Just the best weekend ever: spent in my old home town with true Rundgren Radio fanatics, the hotel scene, the kindest of old but not forgotten friends, the Civic Theater as the venue, and Todd, Michelle, Jessie, Mary Lou, Kasim, Kevin!!, and Greg, all there to - as Kas stated in his mini-concert - "to spread the message of love and harmony". The chosen songs were hand picked gems, duplicating 10 each night and adding 8 to 9 different songs each evening. With Todd bringing his best despite being on the road constantly up until a few days prior and only a day or so plus to rehearse with the symphony. The result was stunningly good. Too lazy at this hour to type the song list, but it was a show not to be missed by any adoring fan of the man, his music, or meaningful message. So for those not in attendance, thank those dedicated fans who spent their time recording and posting on and YouTube where one can get caught up for hours re-experiencing the magic....simply wondrous. Thanks for all of those who worked to bring this together, especially Mel and Doug and their crew. It was a triumph of accomplishment. Well done, and with a bow to all, it was beautiful. Thanks, and let's do it again...

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