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The Akron Labor Day shows proved once again to be "essential Todd", must-see events. What a special gift! And like all of the special Rundgren Radio events, these evenings will burn bright in everyone's minds for as long as we live. Saturday's set list included Another Life, Property, Last Ride, CWSB Friends, Dream Goes On, Hello It's Me and so many more gems, it made your head spin. Mary Lou and Michelle were radiant in their presence onstage with shining performances both nights - it is always a treat to see them onstage with Todd. Kasim, Jesse, Kevin and Greg H. were amazing as well, as was the Orchestra, especially coming right out of the gate Saturday with Another Life! Though it would be impossible to choose between favorite set list nights, Sunday had an added emotional quotient. Building deeper on the evening before, there was a camaraderie and connection between the audience and Todd - he was smiling all night, relaxed and obviously enjoying himself and feeling the love pouring back from everyone there. On Sunday, we were gifted with different songs from the evening prior, including Verb to Love, Hideaway, Mated, Compassion and the most moving version of Pretending to Care...one that dripped with such emotion, the house was absolutely silent and enthralled, pulled completely into Todd's emotional performance which was breathtakingly beautiful - it was a moment in time, a kairos moment. Incredible. I still draw my breath in sharply when I recall the sheer beauty of Todd singing that song - it was that good, that moving. After Pretending, Todd performed Love is the Answer and then brought the house down with Worldwide Epiphany, before ending with Fade Away, and encoring with Just One Victory. Truly, can there be a more perfect night?

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9/06/2015 - Akron Civic Center - Akron, OH

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