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A sold out, overflowing crowd met Todd at his first appearance in Jackson, Mississippi since the July Jam event on July 4, 1975. Brought to town by Arden Barnett and his production company, Ardenland, I and my business/cultural website BAMSouth.com launched an effort through local city officials to present TR the key to our city prior to his appearance and we were successful!

After the presentation, TR and the band took the stage after Reggie B.'s outstanding intro at about 10 minutes after 8 p.m. The energy was palpable and, having been a fan for 35 years now, I can say that the "Global" show was one of my favorites. The lighting was tremendous, the pace was non-stop and Todd himself was at the top of his vocal game. I honestly am amazed that a man his age, 67, could continually move (and dance!) as well as he did. Duling Hall, the venue, was extremely warm (which TR noted to me at our dinner together after the show) but, in spite of the heat, I have NEVER seen the man in such energetic form. I would venture to guess that having the beautiful and talented Ashle and Grace beside and behind him encouraged him to keep up the pace.

HIGHLIGHTS: Many---the opener, "Evrybody" and most all of the Global songs came off extremely well and better even than they do on disc. The two Utopia tunes translated well in the new, techo style and, yes, I even appreciated the "hits" medley which had, apparently, turned so many off. "Truth" was a major highpoint of the show and "Soothe" had the crowd go quiet but, without question, "Today" had the performers (and audience, even) firing on all cylinders. To close with the AWATS twosome was a personal pinnacle for me, as well.

LOWPOINTS: As far as the concert itself, none really. Sure, I would liked to have heard more guitar and the few solos I did hear were---at times---slightly erratic to my ears (but I was very close, and it was a very loud show). I was quite disappointed at reports I heard from friends that many in the audience were "shocked" or "angry" at the show's content and made disparaging remarks. Obviously only casual, armchair---and ignorant---"hit seekers." Those of us who follow TR and know his history and music were all thrilled with the level of energy at the Jackson show.

Plus, Todd seemed genuinely animated and happy throughout the night. I had the opportunity to spend a good bit of time with him both before and after the show and he was in a funny, great mood---it surely showed onstage.

I will miss the "Global" tour even though I only got to see this one show. Todd, the Global Girls, Reggie B., Rex---the whole crew could not have been nicer or put on a better show. Todd left blood, sweat and yes---after "JOV"---even some tears on that stage.

Please, Todd---do NOT wait another 40 years to return to your fans and friends in Jackson!

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8/29/2015 - Duling Hall - Jackson, MS

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