Todd Global - Lorain Palace, Lorain, Ohio

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Being a hardcore underground, progressive house, techno, sci-fi electronic music mistress since the mid 80z I have always been one for weird sounds, fun noises, arc in song flow and the big, big, sine wave BASS tones. And Todd has touched on some of these musical necessities from 'No World Order' days to the more recent tracks from 'Liars' such as 'Truth" and even a spattering of drum and bass tones with 'Future' - needless to say these tracks have been on eternal loop in my brain. So when 'State' came around I was even more excited to hear the strains of old school electronics. Then the monstrous epic tune 'Ping Me' came to my speakers... and I fell over is amazement. Now comes 'Global ... and here is Todd Rundgren, all 10 feet tall with 20 guitar string playing fingers telling me to ... 'dance away!'...' and how the 'floor goes BOOM!".." say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? House music with the ever dulcet tones of TR singing time such appropriate lyrics? His voice is a instrument adding a whole dimension to the sonic tones of these slammin' tracks. They are perfect in mathematical club style house music structure. And I am in so deep into my music so this is a dream.... as Todd took us into a futuristic galaxy. This music is great on headphones, in stereo monitors, in a club sound system and I was waiting for the full concert hall experience to hear it even louder and deeper.

I went to the historic Lorain Palace and was so thrilled to see members of the Todd Squad - Nancy, Linda and Monica there - plus met some new friends and even got 'married in the name of Todd... just for the show'... and had a front row chair. I didn't need the chair. I forewarned and apologized the concert goers around me (all knowing Todd yet some had no idea what was in store)... that if I started to levitate and 'dance away' in there way - to let me know... and I would soon move. I could only hold on for about 2 songs... when I heard the gently rumbling sounds of 'Truth' I was lifted out of my chair - and yes, began to dannnnnnnce away. It felt so good! The rest of the show contained my favorite songs, most of 'Global' and even classics with a nice, deep, strong back beat. Crazy. It was a perfect show for me. He sliced up the blinding guitar solos like no other... screamin' in fact, right in our faces! The concert goers around me looked like they had been shocked in amazement. Some said they had never experience such energy before and felt their hear rate surge. 'Such Primitive Fun' I said. I have had my house music friends, somewhat familiar with TR, go to the shows around the country for the pure enjoyment and amazement of seeing a club style techno show - with a vocalist / guitarist. They are all impressed and overly satisfied. Needless to say, all of my DJ friends, like me, have bought the 12" vinyl. As I talked to TR, the Perseids were falling around us ... and the BASS still covered us. An experience I will always cherish in my long history of musical adventures with Todd.

I'd see this show again and again. I hope it becomes available as a live DVD.

Thank you to all involved with this production - lights, sound and action. BOOM!

Purrfect - just purrrrfect.

PositiVibes to all,

-Stace Bass

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8/12/2015 - Lorain Palace - Lorain, OH

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