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Oshkosh waterfest outdoors venue is a great setting! The weather was perfect!

I saw the perfect opportunity to take my 2 teenagers "off to see the wizard"

I grew up just outside of cleveland,always a big todd fan since the mid 70's. My kids grew up hearing Todd.

I told my kids that when the show begins, it will be like surreal, now they understand what "surreal" is, and they loved it!

It was the first big music show for my kids (we live 5 hrs north of oshkosh - in the bush)

The warm-up bands were good and the kids got a kick out of the stage and closeness to the performers. We were leaning right against the stage for the entire GLOBAL show!

Todd was himself , full of energy, strong vocals, killer guitar, having fun! I think it was the best show i ever saw.

The DJ guy was great, the dancing girls were beautiful and very talented.

The songlist was the same as what i read from previous posts.

If i were asked about the songlist i would say. "Remove the medley of old stuff and replace it with a long version of CHANT"

GO SEE THIS TOUR! well worth it. ( protect your ears,ours are still ringing)

Oh, about the audience: funny, saw a bunch of old people, thought i was in church. But, going to see todd is kinda like going to church!

The crowd was very nice, easy going people.


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8/06/2015 - Waterfest - Oshkosh, WI

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