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This was the second time we have seen this tour. It was as entertaining as the first. I took my 86 year old mother to her first Todd concert. She loved it. The visuals and music had her mesmerized. At the end of the show, she was standing and clapping to Worldwide Epiphany and International Feel / Just One Victory.

Mom's comment after the show is that Todd is such a rock star! I have never thought of him in that way. I always think of his genius, his music and the effect it has on me. It is an interesting way to view him.

Thalia Hall was a great venue. We sat front row of the balcony and the sound was great as were the sightlines. I posted some videos on youtube if you want to check them out. Nice beverages and concert t shirts were purchased. The video boards for the show are spectacular and a great addition to the music.

I like the Global songs, especially Evrybody, what a great start to the show. But I am more drawn to the songs from other albums performed in this manner / format.....Truth, Secret Society, Today, WWE, International Feel and JOV.

Todd's energy and enthusiasm for his music has never been more apparent. This show is full of passion and genius. I love his vocals and guitar licks. And he has been on the road for months doing this show...what stamina!

I continue to marvel at my musical hero, Todd Rundgren. I can't wait to see what he does next! Wow!

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8/05/2015 - Thalia Hall - Chicago, IL

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