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I did not come into this performance unawares, as I had seen many reviews and even watched the simulcast a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, I was surprised. Surprised, because it exceeded my expectations, which were already high.

After having spent an enjoyable day in the city of Napa, and an enjoyable evening dining at the Riverfront, we walked the two short blocks from our hotel to the City Winery. The stage was filled with the video displays, but stark in comparison to a full band show. We were seated at a table with another couple from Reno and engaged in conversation while waiting for the show to begin. The venue was small and intimate, and having tables to sit at was a bit of an inconvenience and hindered any mobility during the show. However, I welcomed having a seat, as I am not a stander or a dancer (just one of many reasons that I skipped the Fillmore the next night.)

DaM Funk opened with his solo number highlighting the praises of Todd Rundgren and then Todd and the ladies hit the stage with Evrybody. The remainder of the show was non-stop action, dancing, lights and solid performances from evryone.

Every once in a while I took a picture and realized the more time I spent behind the lens was less time I was taking in the wonder of the show. The visuals were captivating, the dancer/singers, Ashlé and Grace, were amazingly energetic, as was TR, and TR's voice was as strong and clear as I've ever heard. The show was incredibly tight, and the more "familiar" material near the end worked very well into the overall concept.

I would count "Global Nation" as my personal highlight of the show. It was an amazing performance and really rocked. Worldwide Epiphany was also extremely well done, and lacked the broken strings that marred the performance on the simulcast weeks earlier. By the time we reached International Feel and Just One Victory, we had been thoroughly entertained.

I look forward to seeing the show again in Grass Valley and hope a few more friends will also make the effort to travel to that unusual location.

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6/09/2015 - City Winery - Napa, CA

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