Todd Rundgren June 9th Napa Winery

Review by John Rock Perga (Switch to

Going into this show I was somewhat ambivalent about this format, but that was washed away after the first song. It was such a tight show with powerful visuals. Todd was in great vocal form, stunning singing with excellent back up support. The DJ and dancers really added to the dynamic of this show. This seems like the old days when an artist will premiere and release a new LP without the audience getting to know the songs first. I listened to Global twice in the last month as I waited for the DVD version. I found the tracks really came to life after hearing them live. Even my wife was sold on the show as well. The audience was very receptive to the new songs. Waiting until the last part of the set for the songs we know so well. The new arrangements to the old songs suited the new format and they fit like a glove. Todd is well animated with his physical display in performance. I will remember

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6/09/2015 - City Winery - Napa, CA

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