Review of Todd at Coach House June 06, 2015

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The Todd 2015 Global Tour. Todd presented his new album "Global" in the most unusual fashion. Instead of a normal "band" with guitars, bass, drum, & keyboards, Todd went for all-out hip-hop dance-trance new music to present his material. The show consisted of Todd on vocals & guitar; Dam-Funk running the DJ controls and sound effects, drum/bass machines, etc, and two lovely, energetic, dancing, back-up singers. This show was a lot of fun. All out craziness and insanity from the start with LED light displays and moving light show spots all going full tilt. Not a much guitar playing by Todd as his fans would have liked, but plenty of Todd vocals, and his voice was in good strong form. This show will get mixed reviews, and even from the folks I went with, some liked it some didn't, as this was NOT a classic Initiation/Utopia type of show, it was new new craziness and a new album presented in new music form. Did I mention this show was a lot of fun?

Enjoyed watching the stage theatrics and motions by Todd and choreography by the singers interpreting the lyrics via dance. Crazy light show, Todd roaming the stage, expressing his vision and hitting the vocals hard. Saturday night and the crowd was into it despite the sit-down dinner venue. A lot of fun. Go Todd. Here's the setlist:

Flesh & Blood
Secret Society
Ping Me
Earth Mother
Party Liquor
Terra Firma
This Island Earth
One World
Global Nation
Can We Still Be Friends
I Saw The Light
Hello It's Me
World Wide Epiphany
E: International Feel
E2: Just One Victory

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6/06/2015 - The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA

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