Review The Coach House San Juan Capistrano 6-6-15

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The last 7 months have been a Todd lovers delight starting with the Unpredictable Evening 2 nights before Thanksgiving and continuing with Todd's manic guitar with Ringo's AllStars in March. The third time was the Global show last night at The Coach House which knocked it out of the park. The show was inspired, fun and unbelievably tight. Todd always seems at his best when he gets to create and produce a show to present his latest music. As much as I missed Jesse, Kasim and Prarie the two dancers and Dam Funk were a perfect complement to the songs. I thoroughly enjoyed the State show but this was something else. Todd continues to amaze and show us that he is the once and future true wizard.

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6/06/2015 - The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA

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