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Saw Todd last night at the Roxy. I haven't missed a Todd or Utopia tour since I saw the Ra show at the Santa Monica Civic back in the Paleozoic era. I went with a bit of trepidation, particularly after I read some of the snarky comments. I even told a fellow Utopian that this might be the first Todd show that I regretted. I should have never doubted the Wizard. Todd knocked it out of the park!

The two dancers/singers were a kick, Dam Funk was on his game, and the visuals were very effective. But mostly the show worked because Brother Todd made sure it worked. He was in good voice, danced his ass off, and left more sweat and blood on that stage than I thought possible. That old boy is days from turning 67, but that doesn't cow him.

Most impressive were his mime type movements, for example, signifying the passing of time or smoke rising, that both mocked and tipped the hat to traditional theatre. I will leave it to others to list the songs. I just stood there, shaking my head in amazement, in wonder. What other artist who got their first record out in 1968 could pull something like this off? What other artist of his generation would dare try?

Todd Rundgren has always been a moving target. Those who try to stick him in the power pop ghetto haven't been paying attention. Have they listened to anything since, well, "Something/Anything"?

I am blessed. I went to the Ra tour when a friend gave me an extra ticket. I knew almost nothing about Todd, except he was that softie who did "Hello It's Me." I was listening to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Alice Coletrane Yes, King Crimson, you know ,jazz, fusion and heavy music, and didn't think I would enjoy Utopia, at least not much. Boy was I wrong, that night I discovered my favorite artist. And 38 years later he surprises me for the umpteenth time. Don't you ever learn indeed.

The MasterBlaster's take on edm was a blast. Don't miss it.

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6/03/2015 - The Roxy - Hollywood, CA

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