Las Vegas - May 2015

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My first concert was around 1965 and it was a bunch of British Invasion bands and I have been hooked on(live) music (thanks Pat Travers for the quote) ever since. I have seen them all and of course Todd Rundgren has been my favorite since the NAZZ concert w/ friend Betty Jaeger in '68. Over these many years I have seen more Todd/Utopia shows than I can count. Not only was last Saturday night's Todd show the best from him, but I will go out on a limb and say it was most likely THE GREATEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Bold statement, yes, but nevertheless, so true. He played all of his new album Global, and gave us 2hours+ playing so many of his great hits. Some of the oldies were refashioned to his current electronic style, really nothing new for Todd, but his encore alone was so breathtaking it is hard to explain. Hearing the opening notes to "International Feel" from A Wizard A True Star and then performing the whole song, followed by "One World" was enough to cause a tremor in this old man's heart. The timing and pace of the show was extraordinary and the song selection was like it was tailored for the true TR geek. I could go on for hours, but I won't. For many years, Paul McCartney's Wings Over America ('75 or '76) was at the top of my list of concert experiences, but this has surpassed it by leaps and bounds. I'm so glad I was there. 10 stars, 30 thumbs up and a night that will live on in this brain until the oven doors slam.

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