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I was a little concerned when I pulled into the parking lot of the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall for the second of two dates there. Previous reviews mentioned some early leavers heading for the exits. I surveyed the crowd, the upper age demographic prevalent, and I wondered if they were ready for EDM Todd as opposed to band versions of Hello it's Me, etc. Crowd members talked freely among themselves, and most around me admitted they had not purchased Global, though they did understand that this was a different kind of show.

I'm not going to list a track by track set list. The whole evening was a delight. Costume changes from the dancers, Dam Funk intro for Todd's arrival, guitar solos in certain numbers (Secret Society). Even the numbers that have gotten some criticism Evrybody, Earth Mother, put a smile on my face performed live. The lighting was pretty splashy and memorable too. One person to my right screamed" play your old stuff", but the bulk of the crowd I saw seemed pleased with what they saw. There's a bit of irony in this music as dance music when it was presented with reserved seating of which most stayed in for the duration until near the end. The oldies medley didn't bother me stylistically, but I was more interested in getting back to hearing new material.

I've always liked Today off of the Arena album, and Todd performed a potent version that fit right in thematically with Global. The crowd got on their feet for World Wide Epiphany which rocked harder than any of the versions I've seen posted on the web. It went on a long time and I didn't want it to end. International Feel/Just One Victory with its lyric, "I only want to see if you'll give up on me" , fit right in with this tours offering.

My only complaint is the venue told me that there was merchandise for sale at the Friday show, and on this second show, there was none. Whether they ran out or it was left behind in Ft. Lauderdale who knows. As mentioned earlier most didn't have the new Cd and even if physical product is on the way out, this was a perfect opportunity to get some sales from a captive audience.

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5/24/2015 - Ponte Vedra Concert Hall - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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