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I thought I'd hate the show based on the format and not in love with his last two albums given the over use of "electronica". I had also read of his mortgage problems trying to get his case heard (it failed) in front of the US Supreme court and was thinking this tour is a money grab by an old fading artist.

I was wrong!!!

The venue In Greensboro was small and played perfect for this show. At first with the video and lights it played like a Euro Pop kind of show and we have 67 year old Todd doing his very best Richard Simmons impression but then it hit me, "This is working"! The you tube video of the tour does not do the quality of the LED lighting and the sound system justice that make this show work. Todd did not talk, and thus we had no sarcasm or glib comments to distract from what was happening and Todd took himself and the music serious.

The "Global" tour is a techno/rave show with excellent LED visuals and lighting (the dancers were great!) builds itself to a very high energy ending of "World Wide Epiphany", "International feel" and "Just one victory" that came off as good as any time I have seen Todd in the last 35 years! Todd has that "Prog" side to him and that trio ending had the crowd up and very into it! Todd's last two albums come to life in this format more so than on the CD's.

Bottom line was I had a great time and most everyone got up and really got into the show.

Advice to those going would be to just let the show happen! Crowd was largely over age 55 and this delivery won't work for many. There were some 70 year olds that were like "WTF"? but for the most part the crowd bought it and had a great time!

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5/19/2015 - The Cone Denim Entertainment Center - Greensboro, NC

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