Thu 5/14/15 Birchmere Music Hall, Alexandria, VA

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I missed the State tour so I wanted to check in with Todd on this tour.

I think I've seen Todd live more than any other musician. I appreciate that he is ever changing always inventing. This is one of the main reasons I like Todd so much.


Problems with the venue: The Birchmere music hall was the ABSOLUTE WORST CHOICE for this type of show. It was laid out like a comedy club with tables and chairs and dinners. This is not the environment for this particular edition of a Todd show. Did anyone at the Birchmere listen to the new album at all?! The whole concert seemed awkward and it made me uncomfortable, not because of the music Todd was PERFORMING but the fact that the venue seemed really uptight. This show would have been much better with everyone standing and no chairs, allowing the freedom to dance around which is what the DJ and Todd kind of wanted the people to do as the music dictates this. The DC metro area is a very emotionless uptight paranoid town, so getting people out of chairs to dance is not something that is easy, ESPECIALLY in a sold out show. If you are going to perform music like this live, you should perform it in a venue that allows for that kind of energy. Seeing this stuff live at the Birchmere was like watching Todd perform this stuff in a church service. It was very inappropriate. I noticed a lot of the people didn't even make it half way through the show. That also made it awkward. There were a lot of early "leavers". I hung in there because... well... I've been listening to this man my whole life. I can't walk away.

Now, this is the hardest part for me to type as a very loyal Todd fan. I'm not happy with the new album. I mean there are parts that I really like (Terra Firma, Rise, Holyland, Flesh and Blood) but there are parts I just dont get... I think the "i just dont get" is a summary statement of the thought: "Why would Todd dumb it down so much?" Songs like Earth Mother, and Evrybody are totally skippers for me. The lyrics are trite and the music seems like a bad beyonce knock off. One of the things I've learned and appreciate about Todd is that he likes to try a bit of everything. I like this. Also it seems that Todd never sits in one style for too long. After State and Global, I am hoping he gets back to the Arena style (as I still cannot stop playing Arena).

So, advice to people who are going to upcoming Global shows, make sure you are paying for a ticket in a place that has room to shake your booty and you are prepared to do so. If you are going to this show and they have tables chairs and menus out, be prepared to be uncomfortable and feel awkward. I don't know who planned this tour and picked the venues but they couldn't have been more out of sorts. And if you are going to see people play musical instruments, this is NOT the Todd show for you.

Things I liked live:

Terra Firma
Ping Me (gave me goosebumps)
Today (auuuuuuuuugh such a great song)
Flesh and Blood
Worldwide Epiphany (song ok, but sounded even better live).
Things I did not like:
Earth Mother
Party Liquor
The EDM medley of the Classics
Things that chased people out: The venue made the show awkward. I saw more people get up and leave during the EDM remake of the Todd classics. (To be honest, that was a really bad move. Todd would do better to kill this and put more from State or Liars on this tour).

Things I wanted to hear:

Womans World,
Espresso (all jacked up), 
Two outta Three aint bad (from Reproduction)
Actually ANYTHING from Reproduction would have been nice
In My Mouth
A lot more from 'Liars'
Thanks for reading, and really, Todd can do no wrong!!!! Here is hoping that he evolves even more.

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5/14/2015 - Birchmere Music Hall - Alexandria, VA

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