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I skimmed a review of one of the shows of the Global tour a few days before going to the Verona show, and I saw that there was not going to be a band. This is generally a bad thing for me - I always prefer there be a band vs. solo. I also saw that most of the songs were from Global, and I don't have it yet. A solo show of songs I don't know. My expectations for the evening were not high. But my expectations were wrong. From the moment the lights came up on Todd, the dancers and the DJ, I knew this was going to be a Todd show like no other I had ever seen - and I've seen a lot. The show was fantastic. I didn't care that there was no band. I didn't care that I didn't know most of the songs. I loved the light show with all the strobes, and the pillars with changing images. Todd was energetic, dancing around more than I've ever seen. His pantomimes during songs were a lot of fun, I and many others enjoyed pantomiming along with him. The dancers were terrific, from the moment they bounced onstage with their glittery costumes and giant wigs and through the several costume changes and various types of dancing. They seemed to be having as much fun as we were. Loved the choreography. It was a very high energy show. And also very loud - I'm glad I had earplugs. The thumping bass made the chairs vibrate. The show ended with Worldwide Epiphany, International Feel and the Just One Victory encore. Great classics, great ending! For several years I've had to drive a few hours to catch Todd on tour. I didn't have to drive far for this show, but it would have been well worth it. It was one of the best Todd shows I've ever seen. The smile didn't leave my face for the entire two hours. To sum it up: Wow!

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5/08/2015 - Turning Stone Resort Casino - Verona, NY

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