Palace Theater, Stafford Springs

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Wow! Poweee! HOO! This is a fantastic show, in every way. What a Gift! The light show, the music, the dancing girls, Dam Funk, ,,, TODD! I absolutely love this show. Todd is pacing and connecting with the audience. Divine! The dancing girls are gorgeous, and what fantastic choreography and adorable costumes. Kudos to the Choreographer (Michelle????!!!!! Great job)

Wake up people! Listen to the Master! We'v e got One World! It is time to hear the Truth! Planet Earth is crying for our help, we need a World Wide Epiphany!!!! Open your hearts and minds and send that loving and healing energy from your heart. Together we can change the world!

I dig the Techno-Medley of Can we/hello it's/I saw the.... Todd nailed this show, and the girls were on fire. Maybe a little more Dam Funk to get us raving!

The concert is like a Rave so get ready to dance away the old world and dance in the no world order. I wish to live in this world all the time. So glad my first show of the tour had some space for dancing, because this music makes my feet feel happy and free.

Thank-you Mr. Rundgren for more wonderful and amazing music.

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5/02/2015 - Stafford Palace Theatre - Stafford Springs, CT

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